Luis Palau Taps TV Network, Lakewood Church to Reach Hispanics

Evangelist Luis Palau has launched an Easter Holy Week mission aimed at reaching millions of Spanish-speaking people.

The effort, launched Sunday evening and concluding April 3, will include seven nights of telecasts on Spanish TV network Enlace in which Palau and another counselor will take live call-in questions about Jesus Christ from people in 23 Spanish-speaking countries.

The media event, called Continente 2010, plans to reach 100 million people in one week. It will culminate with a special Easter Sunday service at Lakewood Church in Houston to be led by Palau and Lakewood Church's pastor to the Hispanic congregation Marcos Witt. Also participating in the service will be popular Hispanic-American Christian music artists including Jaci Velasquez and Salvador.

 "This should be one of the widest-reaching campaigns in our team's history," said Kevin Palau, president of the Luis Palau Association. "We are grateful for the partnership with Enlace and hundreds of churches who share the vision to help millions of people discover the true meaning of Easter."

Continente 2010 is the third media evangelism blitz Palau has done. Palau, who was born in Argentina, had done similar media events in 1975 and 1985. The evangelist first started counseling people on live television in 1965 when he was invited by HCJB-TV in Quito, Ecuador, to take calls from spiritual seekers and skeptics.

During this week's televised event, many churches in Latin America will be using the Continente telecasts to engage people in conversations about the meaning of Easter. Many churches are also using the Continente effort to launch their own outreach events.

According to the Luis Palau Association, more than 7,000 Latin American churches have partnered with the Continente 2010 effort.

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