Evangelist Puts 'Modern Family' Cast on Book Cover, Not Realizing Gay Couple Connection

A Christian evangelist has apologized after he used a photo of the cast of "Modern Family" for the cover of his book, Bible Principles of Child Discipline, without realizing that the TV show features a gay couple.

"Well, I just got a phone call about the picture I used on my Book on Child Discipline," Evangelist Doug Sehorne wrote on his Facebook page on Wednesday.

"Evidently, it is from a wicked TV show involving a gay couple," he added, and then listed the reasons that led to the mistake.

Sehorne explained that he has not owned a TV for 35 years, that he has never heard of "Modern Family," and that he found the cast photo that he used on his book cover using Google Images, and did not assume it was copyrighted. He clarified that "anyone who knows me, knows I would never condone such wickedness as sodomy or even TV."

Sahorne's website says that he served as pastor at Victory Baptist Church in Oakland, Md., from 1989 to 2004.

"Doug Sehorne is an Old-Fashioned Bible Preacher who delivers soul-stirring messages filled with the Word, rich in practical application with 40+ years of personal illustrations from real life experiences," the website adds.

Bible Principles of Child Discipline, which was published online in July, aims to cover "every verse in Proverbs that deals with Child Discipline" and offers personal illustrations and practical applications.

"Modern Family," a comedy series on ABC which is now coming up to its fifth season, features the daily lives of a number of connected families, including a gay couple who have an adopted child.

"Your friends will warn you and your enemies will attack without knowing all the facts," Sehorne wrote, and revealed that he is taking down the book and changing the cover.

Other books the evangelist has written include Zeal Without Knowledge: Doctrinal Essay on Easy-believism, Repentance and Lordship, Modesty: A Deeper Understanding and You Can Be One of the Few.