Evelyn Lozada Lauded by Oprah Winfrey and Iyanla Vanzant for 'Willingness to Heal'

Evelyn Lozada is being lauded by media maven Oprah Winfrey and motivational speaker Iyanlya Vanzant for appearing on OWN network's new show "Iyanla:Fix My Life," where she discusses her own shortcomings and overcoming a recent domestic dispute with estranged husband Chad Johnson.

Johnson, 34-year-old free agent NFL player, allegedly headbutt Lozada on Aug 11 after a dispute about his infidelities came about when she found his receipts for contraceptives. Although the dispute resulted in Johnson losing his position on the Miami Dolphins roster, he also lost endorsements along with a joint reality television show with Lozada.

However, Lozada received some backlash from the dispute after fans witnessed her own violent behavior on the "Basketball Wives" reality show that she stars in. On "Iyanla: Fix My Life," Vanzant will reportedly work with Lozada to overcome some of her inner pain.

"Iyanla works to uncover the source of Evelyn's innermost pain, giving her the tools to let go and move forward with her life," the show's description states on Winfrey's website. "Explosive secrets are uncovered and difficult truths are faced in the powerful two-part series premiere."

Vanzant publicly thanked Lozada for appearing on the OWN network show.

"I am still in gratitude for your courage to be vulnerable and willingness to heal," Vanzant tweeted to Lozada. "Your story will heal many."

The reality television star offered her own thanks in response to Vanzant's tweets.

"Thank you and I truly hope it does," Lozada tweeted.

However, some people seemed skeptical about being inspired by the reality television star's story.

"@IyanlaVanzant @EvelynLozada @Oprah #FixMyLife @OWNTV Ur wasting ur time on this (expletive)," one person tweeted. "She's milking this situation 4 money (sic)."

Still, others supported the "Basketball Wives" star.

"We are glad U are did that interview with our @IyanlaVanzant , I wish U the best , keep Ur head UP Girl (sic)," another person tweeted with a smiley face.

Winfrey also tweeted about the premiere of Vanzant's show featuring Lozada.

"The #IyanlaFixMyLife with Evelyn Lazada is amazing. Sept. 15th," Winfrey tweeted.

The reality television star showed gratitude to the woman who allowed her on the network saying, "Thank you Oprah."