Evelyn Lozada Needs Closure, Wants to Ask Ochocinco 'Why'

Evelyn Lozada, 37-year-old "Basketball Wives" star, needs some closure from ex-husband Chad Johnson and recently revealed that she had an important question to ask the 34-year-old NFL free agent.

Although Lozada and Johnson began dating in 2010, their marriage took place last July and lasted for one month. Fans of the pair soon learned that Johnson was unfaithful to the reality television star which led to an argument and physical assault that resulted in his arrest, the end of his NFL season, and marriage.

While Lozada has been vocal about walking away from Johnson in a number of interviews, she recently admitted to needing closure in a Radar Online report.

"At some point a conversation needs to take place, I have questions about everything and that will happen when it's supposed to happen," Evelyn confided to Radar Online. "I would definitely like to sit down and talk to him down the road – I would just really like to get up in his head and ask, 'Why?'"

The reality television star who recently became an author explained why she felt the need to hear Johnson's perspective about why he made certain decisions that ended their marriage.

"Obviously he wasn't thinking, but as a woman, there are certain things I needed closure with like why he cheated," Lozada questioned. "It is hard for me to wrap my head around why someone would put everything at risk."

While Lozada revealed that a no-contact clause has prevented the pair from speaking directly to one another, she did admit to watching a recent ESPN interview where he was still wearing his wedding ring.

"I haven't spoken to Chad, we can't – we have a 'no contact' clause, but I hear things," Lozada told Radar Online. "He recently did an interview on ESPN and I saw clips of it but it wasn't easy to watch because he is still wearing his wedding ring, and says he still wants to be married."

Johnson recently joined ESPN's "First Take" debate desk where he revealed his feelings about Lozada, domestic violence and returning to the NFL.

"What happened was a mistake, that's what happened. A mistake that I continually apologized for to the people I've hurt including my wife," Johnson said on the show. "I think me continuing to say sorry drowns it out. I've accepted responsibility for my actions."

The football star said he is paying the price for taking actions that he shouldn't have.

"Everybody on the outside sees it one way, okay you got cut. There was a domestic dispute for one which was all my fault, because I'm living life the way it shouldn't be lived which is why I lost everything I did," Johnson said on ESPN. "Because that man upstairs is saying let me bring you back a little bit you're a little too wild. So it is what it is, I made my bed I'm laying in it and I paid the price."

Lozada insisted that she is an independent woman who was not relying on Johnson for anything more than companionship. However, she told Radar Online that she feels both she and the six-time NFL pro bowler had to learn a lesson from one another.

"I feel like we were both a lesson to each other, I have learned so many things… things that I will never tolerate again," Lozada revealed.