Evelyn Lozada Talks Wedding Date to Fiance Carl Crawford

(PHOTO) Instagram: @evelynlozadaEvelyn Lozada debuts her engagement ring

Evelyn Lozada is opening up about she and fiance Carl Crawford's wedding plans.

Since her professional MLB star husband is gearing up for baseball season, the pair may have to postpone their wedding plans.

"Actually the season is going to start soon, so we are not going to do it now, but after the season, " Lozada told HipHollywood.com recently. "I'm just so happy, I wasn't expecting this so we'll wait and see."

After Lozada announced her engagement last Christmas to Crawford, the 32-year-old Los Angeles Dodger, she has been speaking about being happy with Crawford and spoke about how she feels about his recent proposal.

"I'm overjoyed and in complete and utter shock!" the 38-year-old former "Basketball Wives" star told People last year. "What a different year and a half it has been -- I'm truly happy!"

The news comes over a year after Lozada broke things off with former NFL star Chad Johnson, 36, one month after they married in July 2012. The professional athlete physically assaulted Lozada after an argument ensued about his infidelities.

However, Lozada has officially put her relationship with Ochocinco to rest and began a new chapter in her life. Last year, the reality television star opened up to Celebuzz about her desires to let God choose her next husband and have children.

"I still want to be a mother, I still want to have other children, I still want to get married and have a family," Lozada previously told Celebuzz. "Only this time, instead of me choosing, I'm going to allow God to choose whomever for me."

The reality star and author spoke about what she is looking for in her future husband.

"I just want a good guy. A family man who wants kids," Lozada previously told Celebuzz. "I don't want five kids, but one or twins would be great."

It seemed Lozada foreshadowed her future with Crawford, which includes giving birth to the pair's first child together next month.