Evelyn Lozada Wants No-Contact Order Against Chad Johnson Lifted; Ready to 'Move On'

Evelyn Lozada reportedly has no objections to a judge potentially lifting her ex-husband's restraining order as new reports suggest that she is ready to move forward with her life.

The "Basketball Wives" star, who was infamously assaulted by Chad Johnson just one month after their wedding, will not file to extend a no-contact order requiring the disgraced NFL star to stay away from her. Johnson, 35, was ordered to complete a batterer's intervention program over his Aug. 11 domestic assault against Lozada, 37, and upon completion in approximately two months time he will likely ask the judge to terminate his probation and lift the no-contact order, according to reports.

Despite growing speculation that Lozada may be open to reconciling with Johnson, who she filed for divorce from after just 40 days of marriage, it is understood that the reality TV star will not object to the lift because she simply wants to "move on," TMZ.com reported.

Johnson, who initially refused to sign the divorce papers, eventually conceded that the marriage could not be repaired and the pair was officially divorced in September. He was later charged for head-butting Lozada during a domestic dispute and he agreed to undergo extensive anger management counseling and to be placed on probation in exchange for either a guilty plea or no contest plea which allows him to avoid jail time.

As a result of the charges Johnson, who publicly apologized for assaulting Lozada, lost his lucrative position with the Miami Dolphins and subsequently faces various financial woes.

In her first TV interview after the assault, Lozada revealed that she does not see herself ever speaking to Johnson again due to the violent nature of the incident.

"It would have to take some time. I love him very much and I think us being away from each other is the right thing. It's like what is he gonna say...sorry?" Lozada told ABC's Amy Robach.

When asked what she would like for Johnson, 34, to say if they ever spoke again, Lozada said that she simply wants him to get help.

"I would like for him to tell me that he got help you know? And that he's working on himself. I always ... when I'm talking to my sister or my girlfriend I say 'I want the best for him, I really do and he's a good guy that made a bad choice,'" she explained.

"He loves football and he's very driven and a great dad. He made a bad choice that destroyed his life and I hate that I'm connected to that ... I do. But it was his choice, it wasn't mine," she added.