Evelyn Lozada Warns Chad Johnson to Stop 'Harassment,' Denies Cheating

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Twitter: Evelyn Lozada Chad OchocincoEvelyn Lozada and fiance Chad Ochocinco

Evelyn Lozada reportedly had her attorneys send Chad Johnson a cease and desist letter Thursday, warning him to stop harassing her online.

The "Basketball Wives" star was reportedly left furious on Wednesday after Johnson, who is her ex-husband, lashed out at the reality TV star and her public relations rep. on social networking site Twitter. The former Miami Dolphins player accused Lozada of cheating during their 41-day marriage.

"Since you want to open up a can let's air out the dirty laundry of the oh so saved and righteous when it's convenient!!!! **** you and your PR campaign to keep your 15 minutes alive…she better hope that YMCMB d--- keep her straight for life," Johnson wrote in a series of tweets.

Lozada, who denies the cheating claims, wasted no time seeking legal advice over the matter, and according to sources, the reality TV star and author will seek another restraining order if the alleged harassment continues, according to TMZ.

Lozada, 38, filed for divorce from the NFL player in August following a domestic dispute in which she was headbutted. Lozada had approached Johnson over a receipt for condoms and after admittedly assaulting his wife, Johnson, 34, revealed that he had in fact engaged in extramarital affairs.

Johnson was arrested and charged with the assault over the head-butting incident although he later pleaded no contest to the charges and was able to avoid jail time.

In December 2012, Lozada reunited with Johnson in a Florida courtroom, where she agreed to drop her restraining order against him.