Ex-GOP House Majority Leader Tom DeLay Says He's Now on a Mission From God After Court Throws Out Money Funneling Conviction

(Photo: Reuters/Evan Sisley)Former U.S. House Majority Leader Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX).

A month after a Texas judges overturned his money laundering conviction in September, former U.S. House Majority Leader Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Texas) told a told a group of tea party Republicans last Tuesday that he's now on a mission from God.

DeLay who was once one of the most powerful politicians in Washington, was convicted in 2010 for allegedly trying to influence Texas elections by channeling nearly $200,000 in corporate donations to local Republicans running for the state legislature. The practice, which is illegal, forced the 20-year veteran politician to resign from the House. He was sentenced to three years in prison according to WAPT News.

Last month, after a three-judge panel ruled 2-1 that the evidence for the money laundering conviction was "legally insufficient," DeLay thanked God.

"It's [a] really happy day for me, and I just thank the Lord for carrying me through all of this and it really drove my detractors crazy because I had the joy of Jesus in me and they didn't understand it," said DeLay in a Washington Post report.

Washington Post
Tom Delay On Conviction Being Overturned

When asked in the report if he planned to return to politics, DeLay explained that the Lord had other things for him to do.

"There's too much other things that the Lord wants me to do. But around the political arena, I'm around. They never got rid of me."

In an address to the Texas Patriots in Burleson on Tuesday, DeLay revealed that God instructed him to lead a "constitutional revival" and asked them to join him.

"He believes that he is being led to encourage, or promote, or participate in sort of a new revolution for the country – not armed battles and muskets and all that stuff, but in terms of ideals," said Barry Schlech, the vice-chairman for the Texas Patriots PAC told Texas Public Radio.

"I didn't get the sense – with what he said – that he wants to ever be in office again," Schlech said. "He's going to be an advocate, not in the background but maybe in the forefront."

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