Ex-Marine, Father Who Plotted Sexual Abuse of Own Children With Wife Before They Were Born Gets 2 Life Sentences

(Photo: Mug Shots)Sarah Adleta, 29, (l) and Jonathan Adleta, 26, (r).

Jonathan Adleta, 26, a father who plotted with his wife, Sarah, 29, to sexually abuse their children before they were born, received two life in prison sentences in an Orlando federal court for his deeds.

"This defendant is guilty of … the destruction and scarring of his own children," said U.S. District Judge Roy B. Dalton Jr., who also called the crime "heinous," according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Adleta was convicted of transporting minors across a state line to engage in a sex act and conspiracy last September.

Judge Dalton explained that even though he could have given the father as little as five years in prison, he agreed with the recommendation of Assistant U.S. Attorney Karen Gable that what Adleta did was "despicable and egregious. … The defendant is a grave danger to children."

Dalton felt Adleta would offend again.

"This defendant is guilty of the sexual exploitation of his own children," Dalton stressed.

Adleta was found guilty of abusing his son and daughter, as well as the child of another woman, and none of them were older than 4. He also had his wife and girlfriend record him performing the sexual acts on the children and he distributed the images as child pornography.

When asked if he had anything to say on Monday, Adleta replied: "No, your honor."

Not even Adleta's military service could earn him leniency in Dalton's courtroom.

Dalton told defense attorney Matthews Bark that his client brought "dishonor to the Marine Corps."

Leonard Lippy, Adleta's ex-father-in-law, told the judge to "make sure he never touches another child." His daughter, Sarah, was sentenced to 54 years in prison for her role in the abuse of her children.

Dalton was moved by Lippy's testimony and felt justified in the recommended sentence. He also apologized for the pain his family was put through.

The children are being placed for adoption and Lippy now has no contact with the children. Even after the judge handed down the sentence, Lippy was still unappeased.

"He gets time, but it didn't bring my family back," said Lippy after the hearing. "You're going to tell me two life sentences makes this right?"

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