Ex-Missionary Uses Business Profits to Help Needy

A former missionary to Haiti has launched a marketing company that will donate a large portion of its profits to help support worthy causes.

G5 Marketing, founded by former missionary Terry W. Bryant, stands for "Giving to 5 Worthy Causes" and plans to donate 40 to 45 percent of its profits to causes that help children, rescue teens, aid the elderly, support wounded veterans and care for the sick.

Bryant, who before becoming a missionary was the pastor of Sweetwater Fellowship Church in Huntsville, Ala., said he witnessed the effects of extreme poverty while serving in Haiti for six years.

When he returned to the United States, Bryant served at several churches and spoke at Bible conferences. But Bryant eventually stepped away from full-time ministry and entered into business to support his large family.

Bryant and his wife, Sherry, have 11 children, two of which are adopted. As he gained experience in business, Bryant thought about how he could blend business and ministry together in order to fund worthy causes around the world.

The idea led him to establish G5 Marketing, which announced its launch on Monday. G5 Marketing describes itself as a company based on giving.

"One company can't change the whole world, but we can change the world for some people in desperate need," said Bryant, who serves as president and CEO of G5 Marketing. "We are constantly searching for ways to keep our overhead low so that we can focus on giving a generous share of our profits away.

"Our bottom line is to help people," Bryant said. "For us, success in business means a greater opportunity to put our treasure where our hearts are."

The company has so far attracted 14 business partners.