Ex-Navy Seal Runs for Senate: 'New Kind of Republican,' Says Gabriel Gomez

A former Navy seal could be the next man to fill the empty U.S. Senate. The Republican's strategy is based on a history of following the "American dream."

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(PHOTO: gomezforma)

Republican businessman Gabriel Gomez does not have an extensive background in politics. In fact, the Massachusetts hopeful doesn't really have one at all. But that hasn't stopped him from impressing fellow Republicans with a story of rags to riches, riddled with patriotic belief.

Gomez is the son of Dominican immigrants. He was born in Los Angeles without being able to speak a word of English. He eventually learned the language in school, deiced to attend the United States Naval Academy, graduated with merit, earned his wings as a member of the Navy, and eventually became a Navy SEAL.

After leaving the Navy in 1996, Gomez went on to graduate from Harvard Business School and eventually became a private equity investor. Opinions of Gomez's background have been complimentary thus far.

"The biography of Senate candidate Gabriel E. Gomez reads as though it might have been compiled by a team of Republican consultants trying to craft the perfect candidate," a Boston Times report read.

His competition for the Senate seat is Democratic U.S. Rep. Ed Markey. Given his long political background, Markey may be hard to beat- but its not impossible, some Republicans think. Gomez surprised many by winning the primary elections for Senate on Tuesday.

"This is a very impressive victory for Gabriel Gomez, who literally came out of nowhere to power past Michael Sullivan and Dan Winslow," Tufts political science professor Jeffrey Berry told ABC News, referring to Gomez's former competition in the Republican realm. "He won largely on the basis of personal appeal. He seems like a fresh face and someone who is likely to give the Democrats a challenge come two months hence."

Gomez has branded himself as a "new kind of Republican."

"If you're looking for an experienced, slick talking politician, I'm definitely not your guy," Gomez told supporters Tuesday night. "If you are looking for an independent voice, a new kind of Republican, take a look at our campaign and I'd welcome your support."