Ex-NYC Cop Acquitted of Rape Sentenced to 1 Year for Misconduct

Kenneth Moreno, the former NYC cop who was acquitted of rape allegations after jurors decided there was not enough proof to convict him, has been sentenced to one year in prison for “police misconduct.”

Moreno was accused of rape by a young female fashion executive who claims he took advantage of her drunken state when she asked him for help getting home one night in 2008 in Manhattan’s East Village.

According to her claims, Moreno escorted her home with another police officer and repeatedly went into her apartment that night, raping her during one of those visits. Moreno claims he only lied down with her and lectured her on the dangers of alcoholism.

A jury acquitted Moreno of rape charges due to lack of DNA evidence and the victim’s shaky story, but found him guilty of police misconduct.

From his bench during the sentencing hearing, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Gregory Carro said Moreno's actions as a police officer were a "rip at that fabric that holds us all together," the New York Post reported.

"You, sir, ripped a gaping hole in that fabric in committing those crimes," Judge Carro added.

Judge Carro also hinted that he personally did not believe Moreno’s claim that he simply wanted to counsel the accuser. "You told a story that was incredible," he told Moreno.

"Your testimony was classic for admitting what you couldn't deny and denying what you couldn't admit."

Moreno’s attorney, Joseph Tacopina, said his client plans to appeal the one year sentence, arguing that one year for what amounts to three misdemeanors is too harsh, Reuters reported.

Tacopina says the probation department recommended no prison time.

Whatever happens, Moreno is still facing drug possession charges. In 2009, a small amount of heroin was found in his locker, which he shared with another police officer.

“It wasn’t his,” Tacopina said last month on DNAInfo.com.

A court date for the drug charges will take place on September 12.