Ex-'Survivor' Producer Extradited to Mexico for Allegedly Murdering Wife

A former Emmy-nominated producer of the reality show "Survivor" has been extradited to Mexico, where he is accused of murdering his wife on their family trip to Cancun.

A dozen agents in three police vehicle were waiting to escort the accused Bruce Beresford-Redman to prison, according to Mexican newspaper El Universal.

Expecting a media frenzy, Beresford-Redman was flown in on a noncommercial jet, which landed on a separate runway where members of the press could not gain access. Beresford-Redman could only be seen from afar, handcuffed and wearing a white shirt bullet proof vest, according to reports.

The body of his wife, Monica Beresford-Redman, was discovered in a septic tank at a ritzy Cancun resort on April 8, 2010, where the family was staying. It would have been her 42nd birthday.

The couple, who were married for nine years, was on the vacation in order to try and save their marriage after Monica Beresford-Redman discovered her husband was cheating.

According to U.S. prosecutors, hotel guests who said they heard loud arguing and cries of agony coming from the couple's hotel room on the night Monica Beresford-Redman was last seen.

Her autopsy revealed her cause of death was strangulation, and investigators confirmed their belief that she was strangled in their room three days before her body was discovered.

In a statement, Beresford-Redman's attorney denies his client's involvement in her death.

"He has always stated that he is innocent of the charges against him and it is his hope that the court in Cancun will assure that he receives a fair trial in which, he is confident, he will be exonerated," Beresford-Redman's attorney wrote.

Attorney Alison Triessl said Monica Beresford-Redman's family is seeking the maximum sentence of 30 years, if Beresford-Redman is convicted.

Beresford-Redman, who will be held at a prison within the Mexican resort, is expected to face trial by the end of the week.