'Extreme Makeover' Star's SUV Carjacked With Son Inside

Chris Powell, star of "Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition," recently had a scare of his own. His SUV was carjacked by members of the Nazi Low Rider gang, with his nanny and 1-year-old son still inside.

Kaitlyn McGrath was able to get the youngest Powell, Cash, out of the car before the gang drove off in the vehicle.

"I just knew that I had to get Cash out," she told azfamily.com. Now McGrath is being hailed as a hero, and the Powells could not be more thankful for her quick thinking.

"I couldn't help but be anything but grateful," Heidi Powell said. "How easy would it have been for her to just jump out, scared for her life, and forget about Cash?" she asked.

McGrath was just doing what she thought was necessary in order to protect herself and her little client. Police were able to track the SUV thanks to technology, and the OnStar service was able to actually disable the vehicle, thus trapping the suspect in the vehicle until police arrived.

The Powells are now working to educate people.

"We spend so much of our time on our iPhones these days that we're not aware of our surroundings. Our lives are more important than anything," Powell advised. And if someone wants something from you, "get out of the way and call 911."

Heidi and Chris are both trainers who work specifically with obese or morbidly obese clients. Chris is the star of "Extreme Makeover's" latest venture, "Weight Loss Edition," which depicts him helping a single client over the course of one year. The show has quickly gained a following and just finished airing its second season; casting has been booked for the third.

He and wife Heidi share three children, with Cash being the youngest. Powell's personal motto is: "I believe that everyone has the right to live a happy and healthy life." It has been used to encourage people to lose up to 400 pounds.