Eyeballs Found in Trash at Kansas Gas Station: 'It Was Freaky,' Says Clerk

Eyeballs were found in a trash can at a gas station in Kansas City, and now authorities are trying understand how exactly the organs got there. The eyeballs were discovered inside a cardboard medical box late Wednesday night.

The eyeballs from the trash bin were found by a Conoco gas station employee around 11:45 p.m. that evening, and the medical cooler was marked "keep refrigerated."

"It was freaky walking out there to that box," Latisha McClure, the gas station's clerk, told WNEM 5 News. She added that she did not expect to find the eyeballs, and that the incident made it the oddest day she's ever had while working there.

Police are equally stumped by the seemingly abandoned eyeballs. An eye bank isn't too far from the gas station, but they were expecting no shipments. Eye transplant centers and hospitals were also contacted to no avail. It still has not been determined whether or not the eyes belong to a human or some other animal, according to reports.

After police talked to the gas station's employee, the owner allowed showed up and allowed authorities to check the surveillance tapes. On the tape, two men apparently driving a blue Toyota with Nebraska license plates leaving the medical cooler by the trash, according to police spokesman Steve Young.

Because the nature of the eyeballs are unknown, authorities are still unsure if any crime has been committed.

While police continue to investigate, the package containing the organs was brought to Jackson County Medical Examiner's office. A doctor will examine the eyeballs Thursday.