Facebook Launches the Watch Tab

Reuters/Albert GeaFacebook launches Watch tab, a destination for original episodic shows.

Considering the impressive activity that Netflix has been getting since it picked up a lot of subscribers in the past year, many companies are seeking to share the glory that comes with the streaming service. In a move to enter the market, recent reports reveal that Facebook has launched the Watch tab, which allows users to be up to date on their favorite shows as well as connect to others with the same interests.

"We hope Watch will be home to a wide range of shows — from reality to comedy to live sports. Some will be made by professional creators, and others from regular people in our community," Facebook's chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg said in a public post. "We're starting to roll out the Watch tab to a limited number of people in the US, and the plan is to bring it to more people soon. I hope you enjoy!"

According to reports, approximately 40 shows will be included in the first stage of programming scheduled to debut on Aug. 28. Furthermore, the cheaper shows that will exclusively launch on Facebook Watch will be permitted to be shown outside after their respective debuts.

Reports were quick to point out that until recently, Facebook is not considered as a media company. Zuckerberg himself only changed the tone of his language just before 2016 ended, saying that Facebook is, at the very least, not a traditional media company. However, the Watch tab has officially rewarded them a ticket in the media world.

Fans have mixed reactions about the Facebook Watch. Although it is definitely a recovery from the recent shutdown of Lifestage, which was the company's Snapchat-like app, there is still a chance that it might be offering the same thing that streaming giants such as YouTube and Netflix are offering.