Facebook Messenger for Android Now Allows Users to Text

Facebook Messenger for Android received an update today that brings with it plenty of new abilities.

Users of the app now have the opportunity to message their closest friends. This is now pushed to the forefront as they can add the buddies they message most to the top of their favorites.

The Facebook Messenger for Android also allows users to Swipe left anywhere to quickly see who's available and send a message. Some phones will even have the ability to send texts using the Messenger.

The app also has a new design, making it more efficient for conversations, bug fixes, improved speed and reliability. The redesigned interface is the most heavily updated portion of the software and now resembles Apple's iOS design for text conversations.

Facebook added a fresh Messenger button within the upper-right hand corner of the News Feed, which can allow a user to see who's available to chat with from the app much quicker than previous builds.

If Android users are currently running the Facebook messenger app on their smartphone or tablet, they will receive a prompt to update their software. Otherwise, they can enter the Google Play store and download the latest version to enjoy all of these new features.

Facebook appears to be the latest place to enjoy a casual instant message chat and now the company has taken it to the next level with the update for the Messenger application. It is almost reminiscent of AOL's AIM and how people used that as one of their main forms of contact.

The new Messenger app turns FB Messaging into texting, allowing users to send a message and check who's available easily from their smartphone. It makes Facebook simpler to use and should entice more people to use the service.