Facebook Page Defending NY Nanny's Innocence Sparks Outrage

Immediately after New York nanny Yoselyn Ortega was taken into custody, a Facebook page was started to defend her innocence. The page has caused an outrage, with many people calling for the Facebook page to be taken down in light of the brutal slayings.

"This site is to show support for the innocence of Nanny Yoselyn Ortega. The death of the Lucia & Leo Krim is tragic. Please post any information that you believe will help to prove her innocence and bring the real killer or killers to be arrested," the Facebook page states.

Ortega allegedly killed Lucia and Leo Krim before attempting to take her own life last week. The Krim children were found stabbed to death in their bathroom, and Ortega had attempted to cut her own throat. She survived and was taken into custody by police while still in the hospital.

The Krim family laid Lucia and Leo to rest earlier this week, and even though the Facebook page has been erected, Ortega has admitted to hurting the children. The Facebook community, however, believes that Ortega's confession was not a confession to the double murder.

"We believe she did not do this crime and she deserves to have her day in court to defend against the charges, to prove her case in a not guilty verdict," page administrators told Radar Online.

The community's belief in Ortega's innocence partially stems from Ortega's statement that "Marina [Krim] knows what happened." She reportedly told police that she and Marina had gotten in a fight but refused to say any more about the situation.

People have not been kind on the Facebook page and have left comments suggesting that jail would be too good for Ortega and even wishing that Ortega would suffer immensely or die.

There's been no word on whether Facebook administrators will be taking the page down or not.