Facebook Photo Raid: Cops See Picture of Boy With Rifle, Invade Home

A New Jersey man may take legal action against police, who raided his home after a picture of his son holding a gun on Facebook was reported.

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(PHOTO:Facebook/Shawn Moore)Man's home searched after picture of son holding gun surfaces on Facebook.

The Dept. of Children and Families received a call on Tuesday alerting officials of a picture that had been posted on Facebook. In the photo a young boy can be seen holding a large black firearm and smiling. Two officials from the department, accompanied by four police officers, responded to the call by paying a visit to the home where the boy was located.

The Salem County homed belonged to Shawn Moore, a firearms instructor. When Moore answered the door he was questioned and asked to show officials to his gun collection.

"It led to an incredible, heavy-handed raid on his house. They wanted to see his gun safe, his guns and search his house. They even threatened to take his kids," Moore's attorney, Evan Nappen, told Fox News. Moore is now considering taking legal action.

The Dept. of Children and Families said that the search was part of a mandatory follow-up process. Anyone is allowed to file an anonymous report at the center.

The organization is required to follow up on "every single allegation that comes into the central registry," the department's spokesperson, Kristen Brown, told Fox News.

Police began the search while Moore was out of the house, according to reports. When Moore's wife alerted him of the situation he immediately drove home and got his attorney on the line. When officers asked Moore to show them his guns and gun safe he directed them to his attorney, who requested a warrant. With no warrant, the police left.

The .22 rifle that Moore's 11-year-old son can be seen holding in the picture is a common beginner's gun and has also been used before by the Boy Scouts for the rifle shooting merit badge.