Facebook Terror Post: Cameron D'Ambrosio Freed After Boston Marathon Bombings Facebook Arrest (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Reuters/Jim Bourg)Two-year-old Wesley Brillant of Natick, Massachusetts kneels in front of a memorial to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings near the scene of the blasts on Boylston Street in Boston, Massachusetts, April 21, 2013.

A teen has been released from jail after a Facebook terror post about the Boston Marathon bombings led to him being detained a month ago.

Cameron D'Ambrosio, 18, has been freed after being jailed on May 1 for a social media comment he is alleged to have posted.

The Facebook post referenced some rap lyrics in association to the Boston bombings.

The lyrics posted onto Facebook were: "**** a boston bomb wait till u see the **** I do, I'mma be famous rapping, and beat every murder charge that comes across me!"

The teen was taken into custody after authorities felt the posting amounted to a legitimate terror threat. However, D'Ambrosio's case also sparked a widespread backlash from others who claimed that freedom of expression on the Internet and First Amendment rights were being breached. Many questioned whether there was any legitimate terror threat, and whether the posting warranted jail time.

Bail was set for the teenager at a million dollars and the prosecution looked to be moving forward until just recently.

However, on Thursday there was good news for D'Ambrosio as a jury in the case refused to indict him.

Lawrence District Court Judge Lynn Rooney ordered D'Ambrosio to be released immediately after the grand jury in the case chose not to indict.

However, despite his release many are still calling the decision to arrest him in the first place and prosecute him was a disproportionate reaction, and especially many are claiming there was no legitimate threat posed by D'Ambrosio.

Evan Greer of Boston's Center for Rights and Fight For The Future has said: "While today is a major victory for Cam, the chilling effect that this case has already had on free speech cannot be undone."

Here is a video news report into the teen's arrest: