Software Developer Discovers Music Programming Code in Facebook

Software developer Jeff Rose seems to have accidentally discovered what may be Facebook's new music service after ending a Skype video call with his mother on Facebook.

After downloading the codec that would allow him to video chat with his mother, he felt curious to know if Facebook was running the already installed Skype on his computer to carry out the video call or if it was being done some other way.

Upon delving into the lines of codes of the downloaded file called "FacebookVideoCalling.jar," he was surprised to find something that drew his attention.

He found not only a code related to prompting the video call application, but also a code that suggests a music application, perhaps called "Vibes."

Check out the code:

if (paramString.equals("com.facebook.peep"))
return this.window.getMember("VideoChatPlugin");
if (paramString.equals("com.facebook.vibes")) {
return this.window.getMember("MusicDownloadDialog");

Apparently, "vibes," as you see in red there, will prompt a "MusicDownloadDialog (in blue)," which sounds like a panel that allows you to obtain music.

Facebook's integration with a music streaming service from Europe called Spotify was rumored this year. Perhaps, this may just be it.

Fine, but what about calling it "Vibes" instead of Facebook Vibes?