Facebook's 'Like' Button to Expand

Adding buttons to Facebook's "Like" button has long been debated, but reports are now saying that new buttons will be added to the site.

A television fansite which is integrating with the Facebook Timeline, Wetpaint Entertainment, rolled out new buttons Thursday.

Wetpaint allows users to click words such as "LOVE!" and "LOL!" in addition to "Like." The added descriptors help Facebook users share their opinions with friends on the social media site. Other buttons include: "TMI," "OMG," and "BOO," among many others.

Furthermore, the site announced Wednesday that other third-party vendors are contributing to Facebook and providing new apps, such as Ticketmaster, Airbnb, Foodspotting, and Pintrest.

Facebook added that any software developer can now create their own such specialized apps for integration on the site and submit the app to Facebook for approval.

"Like" was the standard way for users to recommend something on the site. Now, the nearly 800 million Facebook users can share their opinions with friends with greater ease with the site's expansion.

The "Open Graph" initiative with Facebook adding apps into its timeline started awhile back, with apps such as Spotify being integrated to the site. The addition of the music service notifies Facebook friends of the music the user is listening to as well as news articles and videos they are watching within Facebook's Timeline.

The latest move has opened Facebook to a broader world of activity that can relate to any app possible. The site's new level of integration will allow users to share interests and news using the easy, fast buttons.