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'Fairy Tail' Chapter 534: Zeref to Cast Neo Eclipse as Lucy Struggles to Rewrite Natsu's Life

'Fairy Tail' Chapter 534: Zeref to Cast Neo Eclipse as Lucy Struggles to Rewrite Natsu's Life

Mavis' attempt at doing the right thing may have just resulted in humanity's doom as Zeref gears up to cast the time-reversing spell, Neo Eclipse. And with luck seemingly on his side for the entirety of "Fairy Tail's" special double-chapter issue, will chapter 534 see his rather selfish plan finally come to form?

"Fairy Tail" is a popular manga series written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima and has been serialized in the "Weekly Shounen Jump" magazine since 2006. | Kodansha Comics

The special double-chapter issue of the manga series "Fairy Tail" mainly focused on the battle between the brothers Zeref and Natsu. Zeref wants to turn time back, with little regard for the memories that people have already made up to this point. And Natsu is determined to do everything he can to stop him from executing this plan.

Unfortunately, an attempt by Mavis to stop the brothers from killing each other resulted in Zeref gaining access to her magic powers and thus gained possession of the other thing he needed to unleash Neo Eclipse: the Fairy Heart. And with this much power now within Zeref, all of Natsu's determination and efforts to stop his brother came to naught and may have even resulted in his untimely death.

The upcoming chapter 534 titled "The Promised Gates" may finally see Zeref making his way to the Ravines of Times where Anna's Plan B is still currently underway. But will Zeref really risk coming to the time anomaly at close proximity to Acnologia? Or does he have a different plan of approach to unleashing Neo Eclipse without even having to go to the Ravines of Time itself?

Moreover, now that Natsu's left literally fighting for his life, will Mavis' words about his friends being his only salvation become a reality when Lucy and Grey finally figure out a way to utilize the "Book of E.N.D." to Natsu's advantage? Fans are speculating that Lucy may try to rewrite the book, just as soon as they figure out a loophole that will allow her to shift everything around.

Between Zeref aiming to cast Neo Eclipse, Anna wanting to trap Acnologia in the Ravines of Time, and Lucy possibly rewriting Natsu back to life, whose plan will ultimately bring the villainous Black Dragon down?

A new chapter of "Fairy Tail" comes out in the next issue of the "Weekly Shounen Jump" magazine.


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