Faith-Based Family Planning Software Emerges

Fertile View is new software that simplifies fertility management

Couples can ditch the paper chart on the nightstand because new fertility management software called FertileView is innovating faith-based contraception methods and providing solutions for navigating the world of fertility.

FertileView is a high tech temperature monitoring system that operates using biomedical informatics. Novuscor, a Colorado based company that specializes in reproductive health, produces the software.

Novuscor founder Tim Boh told Catholic News Agency “FertileView strengthens marriage and supports the natural order of God’s plan for marriage.”

The Novuscor name derives from two Latin words that mean new heart and new soul.

The website says, “When we started this quest to provide fertility management software; we wanted to develop a program that was easy and intuitive to use.”

Past natural family planning practices have the potential to be time-consuming and involve lengthy training. They rely on fertility charting, ecological breastfeeding and other systematic strategies that often involve lengthy training and in-depth instructions to memorize and follow.

“We can literally train people on our method in 45-50 minutes,” Boh said to the Catholic News Agency.

Boh’s software utilizes the symptothermal method, which is the most common Natural Family Planning tactic. It usually is a blend of the top three fertility awareness-based practices that are temperature, cervical mucus, and calendar methods.

Other high-tech fertility monitoring systems currently on the market provide feedback about a woman’s fertility using urine or saliva tests.

FertileView uses a woman’s temperature and other bodily signs to indicate where she is at in her cycle.

Contraception responsibilities have the tendency to fall on women. But Boh claims FertileView allows couples to remain actively engaged in the process. The program educates users on how a woman’s body works, teaching them to observe and record signs of fertility.