Faithbook Poll Finds More People Praying in Economic Downturn

A poll by Faithbook on Facebook has found that more people are turning to God in prayer to help them through the global financial crisis.

Among the 150 people polled, more than 80 percent said they did not see the economic turmoil as a crisis, but rather as a "global financial watershed" with the potential to see a reform of the economy with a moral and social framework.

More than a quarter of respondents (28 percent) said they had prayed more and 42 percent that they had felt a positive effect from praying or meditating since the start of the global economic slump.

The results of the survey were published Tuesday by the group behind the multi-faith Faithbook page, Global Tolerance.

Usama Hasan, director of City Circle and contributor to Faithbook, commented, "In many ways, we are already in a spiritual recession. Financial wealth is worthless without spiritual wealth."

The survey also found that the economic downturn or their own financial situation had been an issue the last time they prayed.

Simon Cohen, Managing Director of Global Tolerance, believes the Faithbook poll confirms that "the economic downturn has reached the heart of religious life."

"It is heartening that for many people, as long as our basic human needs are met, they see the financial watershed as pregnant with hope and opportunity – a refreshing perspective amid the doom and gloom headlines," he said.

Christian scientist Tony Lobl commented, "Prayer is not some kind of celestial ATM card, but it brings glimpses of God's universal and impartial love which change the one praying, calming fears and opening thought to ideas which might otherwise have been missed."