Fake Nuns Cocaine Bust: 3 Arrested for Drug Smuggling (VIDEO)

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(Photo: BBC Screen Shot)Fake nuns have been arrested for cocaine smuggling.

Police have arrested a group of fake nuns for attempting to smuggle cocaine in Colombia, according to reports on Saturday.

Three women, reportedly dressed up as nuns, were apprehended by authorities in Colombia. The women had about 6 kg (13 lbs) of cocaine hidden under their robes as they tried to make their way through the Colombian island of San Andres - a notorious drug trafficking route.

Police spotted the three women after they were seen acting suspiciously, and took them into custody for a full search.

The fake nuns had entered the airport after arriving on a flight from Bogota.

Police Captain Oscar Davila has reported that the three women looked to be nervous, and their nun's fabric also did not look authentic.

After being searched, police found more than four pounds of cocaine strapped to the legs of each woman.

Authorities have described that once they were caught the three women broke down in tears and tried to explain that they were suffering terrible financial hardship.

The three have now been taken into police custody and are being charged for drug trafficking.

Here is a video news report into the incident: