Fall TV Schedule 2012: Premiere Calendar and New Show Guide

It's that time again. Time for everyone to mourn the loss of summer, but with fall leaves and pumpkin spice lattes also come cozy nights on the couch and the return of favorite shows. Here's a look at when all the classics are coming back with a guide to some new shows as well.

Of course for those that are looking at the new schedule and thinking that it just isn't the same now that your favorite show has been discontinued, there may still here hope. Here is a GUIDE to some of the new shows that have been released this season that appear to show some promise.

Shows like "Go On" featuring Mathew Perry of "Friends" have shown potential to some viewers, who say its at least worth stock piling to the DVR. "The Mob Doctor" and "The Mindy Project" have both also earned a spot on the must see list at least once. "The Last Resort," "Elementary," and "Arrow" also show promise.

"'Go On' feels like a 'Community' imposter with its oddly-matched cast of characters coming together in a down-and-out situation," Jamie Etkin said in a review for the Huffington Post. "Matthew Perry seems to be playing the same person yet again. And I wonder how long a comedy based on tragedy will be funny. But I still think it's worth another look."

Christian PostFall Show Premiere Dates
Christian PostFall Show Premiere Dates

Other shows have fared a bit worse on the rating boards. "Animal Practice" isn't worth watching according to the Huffington Post, although TV Guide has recommended it as a "Grey's Anatomy" replacement.

"You know your show's got problems when the most interesting character is a monkey," Kristi Turnquist wrote in a review for the Oregon Live.

Another failure appears to be "Guys with Kids," a comedy based on men having to do all of the parenting.

"'Guys With Kids' is NBC's attempt to get back in the live-audience sitcom game. But 'Frasier,' it ain't," Diane Werts wrote in a review for Newsday. "You'd think there'd be plenty of character-based humor in situations involving sling-carried babies, rampaging kids, pooped parents, interfering friends, elbow gloves,Wii dancing. Not here."