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'Fallout 4' Cheats: God Mode and Invincibility to Damage

'Fallout 4' Cheats: God Mode and Invincibility to Damage

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Soon as "Fallout 4" released, gamers have started uncovering the deep secrets that would make their gameplay much easier, and two of the most popular cheats that were made available to players around the world include the activation of God mode and invincibility to damage.

One thing to be noted before getting into the cheating game is to save the game. Several exploits are said to affect the gameplay in various ways and it is best to ensure backup.

To begin, launch the PC version and press the ~ key. From there on, the console menu can be explored. Players can simply type in commands that will activate modes and items. iDigital Times has acquired a list of cheats that players around the world have uncovered.

List of Console Commands

God Mode - tgm
This certain mode allows players to stay immune from huge damages and radiation. It also gives the power to breathe under water endlessly and gives unlimited ammunition.

Toggle NPC AI On/Off - tai
Toggle NPC Combat Status - tcai
Enable NoClip - tcl
Reveal All Map Markers - tmm 1
Unlock Door/Terminal - unlock
Free-Roam Camera - tfc
Kill Target - Kill [NPC ID]
Kill All Local NPCs - KillAll
Resurrect NPC - resurrect [NPC ID]
Add An Item(s) To Your Inventory - player.additem [item code][desired quantity]
Spawn An Item Or NPC- player.placeatme [item/object code]
Teleport to Armory - coc qasmoke
Leave the Armory (h/t Bordeianu George) - coc sanctuaryext
Leave the Armory (h/t
Change Gender - sexchange
Change Jump Height - setgs fJumpHeightMin [number goes here]
Change Run Speed - player.setav speedmult [number goes here]
Change Scale - setscale [number 1-10]
Increase Bottle Caps - player.additem 0000000f [number goes here]
Increase Bobby Pins - player.additem 0000000a [number goes here]
Faster/Slower Time - set timescale to [number goes here]
Disable AI Detection - tdetect
Increase Your Level - player.setlevel [number goes here]
Increase A Stat - player.modav [skill][number goes here]
Auto-Complete Primary Quest - caqs

Take no Damage - tdm

Players who prefer to face the game's challenges can always opt for this command. According to Gotta be Mobile, it doesn't offer unlimited ammunition but it makes the player invincible to damage and attacks.

"Fallout 4" is out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


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