Family Finds Stranger In Father's Casket at Memorial Service; Only Comfort Is Knowing He Is In Heaven (VIDEO)

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(Photo: KIRO Screenshot)Brian and Randy Moon found another man in their father's casket after his memorial service on Monday afternoon.

A family says that the only comfort they have after discovering another man's body inside their father's alleged casket is the knowledge that their father is with God.

"The only other thing I can say is we know where he really is," Randy Moon, one of the now-deceased Jerry Moon's sons told KIRO 7. "We're a believing family, and we believe he is in heaven."

The Moon family, which had hoped to say goodbye to their father one last time at the end of his memorial service on Monday, opened the casket to find another man's body in Jerry Moon's clothes, accompanied with a photo of him and his wife -- and a plastic bag over the man's face.

After Randy's brother, Brian, removed the bag, "I turned around and said to myself three times, 'That's not him, that's not him, that's not him," Randy told KIRO 7.

The Moon family soon learned that not only had the funeral home mixed up their father's body with that of a 97 year-old man who had died in hospice care around the same time, but realized that to their horror, Jerry's body had been cremated against their father's wishes.

Cheryl Moon said that the entire episode was devastating.

"This makes me feel like he was treated as a number, not a person," daughter Cheryl Moon said.