Family Force 5 Lead Vocalist Solomon 'Soul Glow Activatur' Olds Leaves Band in Favor of Brother

Rock/rap/dance band Family Force 5 just announced the departure of their lead vocalist Soul Glow Activatur (Solomon Olds) as he performed his last show Saturday in Pennsylvania.

"As a family that has played together and prayed together for countless years, we know that our fans expect Family Force 5 to continuously evolve. It is out of respect to that encouraging sentiment that we will be making changes in the line-up of Family Force 5. As of today, Solomon will be coming off the road, and Jacob will be transitioning into the position of lead singer," the band said on their site.

Soul Glow is leaving the band to pursue other creative roles and his brother, Crouton (Jacob Olds), will step out from the drum set and takeover the lead vocal duties.

A new drummer who is going by the name of, Hollywood (Teddy Boldt), will fill out the rhythm section.

Soul Glow Activatur will continue to co-write songs as well as work on FF5's upcoming studio album that will be released in 2014, according to a press release.

"Our family, inclusive of our fans, has been blessed by the adventure of making music and performing globally for the last 8 years, and this development is a continuation of that journey: one that finds tremendous growth and change," FF5 said. "Solomon will remain within arms reach, as he takes time to be at home with his wife and son, while also pursuing his creative ambitions of co-writing and remixing. In addition, he will continue to be a part of FF5's songwriting team, as we are daily creating new material that could potentially blow up your stereo speakers."

"Throughout the last several months, the five of us have been in Los Angeles writing and recording some of our best music to date, and we are thrilled to be moving toward the release of our fourth studio recording in early 2014," they continued.

The band recently released a remix album in June called, Reanimated.

FF5 is what the band labels a "Crunk Rock" band, Soul Glow said to the Christian Post in 2011.

"Fun party inspired rock. Some think it has to do with synthesizers. I guess so ... we have plenty of 808 beats too," he said, going on to explain crunk rock as being "very southern."

He feels that FF5 is the pioneers of their style of music. Soul Glow and his brothers Jacob "Crouton" and Joshua "Fatty" have been making music this way since the mid 90s and now there are a few other groups with the same style.