Family Kicked Off Plane: Flight Diverted After Family Complains About In-Flight Movie (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Reuters/Jeff Haynes)United Airlines planes in this file photo.

A family has been kicked off plane after complaining about the in-flight movie. The crew were not impressed by their repeated complaints about the film, and the flight was even diverted from its scheduled destination so the family could be taken off the plane.

The incident took place on a United Airlines flight in February, although the story is just becoming more publicly known.

The family was on a flight traveling from Denver to Baltimore when the flight crew turned on the PG-13 thrilled "Alex Cross" on the plane's various TV monitors.

The film sparked complaints from the family, and when their protests did not get them anywhere they continued to complain strongly until eventually things escalated so much the flight crew decided severe action had to be taken.

It has been reported that the family initially made a complaint to an individual flight steward, but was told that the monitors could not be turned off.

Undeterred, the family continued to protest and eventually things escalated that they demanded to speak to the flight captain about their issue.

However, soon after that the captain made an announcement over the speakers that the flight was being diverted to Chicago for "security reasons."

Once the plane landed, security personnel boarded the plane and told the adult couple and their children to collect their bags and come with them off the plane. The family was obviously shocked, but followed officials off the aircraft.

The family later continued to make their protest, writing an anonymous letter to The Atlantic: "Throughout these interactions the atmosphere was collegial. no voices were raised and no threats, implicit or explicit, of any kind were made. The flight continued without incident, while my wife and I engaged our children to divert their attention from the horrific scenes on the movie screens."

Here is a video news report into the incident where a flight was reportedly diverted after a family complained about an in-flight movie: