Family of 14 in RV: Parents Sell Home to Hit Open Road With Kids (VIDEO)

A family of 14 has decided to move into the fast lane. Or perhaps a middle lane will suffice, given the size of their new RV home.

When plotting the next mortgage payment, a woman and her husband opted to take the road less travelled. And they have been doing it with an RV and 12 children. The family sold their home after a pleasant vacation last year and have been travelling the road ever since.

"Every single day is a weekend," Susie Kellogg said of living on the road. Her and her entire family recently appeared on the "Today" show earlier this week to explain the reasoning behind their big move.

"We wanted to get rid of the mortgage," Susie said. "Get rid of the car payments and breathe."

But it was more than a desire to evade the bills that spearheaded the family's decision. They simply wanted to be freed.

"This is what freedom is," Dan, the man of the RV said pointing out the open road. "You go after it."

Freedom, however, seemed to come at a consequence at first to the eldest daughter. All 11 children, excepting the youngest that is not yet of age, are currently being schooled from home, which doesn't seem "normal" at first, Kerri admitted.

"I thought that going in an RV wasn't normal and was weird!" Kerri told Today. But the 19-year-old, who now runs an at-home web art business, has since had a chance of heart. "We can do anything we want now. Anything. And nothing is holding us back."

Susie has admitted that she is unsure of how everything is going to work out in the long run. But for now, she is looking to provide her children with a different type of opportunity.

"I want them to live life in the moment and not be living for tomorrow or 'After my kids are grown,' or 'Thank God it's Friday,'" she said.

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