Family of 4 Killed After SUV Lands in Irrigation Canal (VIDEO)

A Washington state family of 4 died Sunday when their car crashed into another vehicle, then hit a guardrail and became submerged in a flowing irrigation canal. Dioselina Buenrostro, Gabriel Ochoa, Yesenia "Jessie" and Sandra Ochoa all perished in the accident.

According to reports, Dioselina and Gabriel were pronounced dead at the scene, and the younger girls, Yeselina, 4, and Sandra, died at the hospital. The current of the canal managed to pull the SUV approximately 100 yards downstream, The Spokesman-Review has reported.

"One of the vehicles ended up in the irrigation canal. Unfortunately, the driver, an adult male, his passenger, an adult female, and two juveniles who were also in the vehicle all died. The man and the woman died at the scene and the children were transported to Quincy Valley Hospital, where they died a short time later," Kyle Foreman, spokesman for the Grant County Sheriff's Office told iFIBER One News.

"Our prayers and thoughts are with this family's loved ones," Grant County Coroner Craig Morrison said in a statement.

"In my 21 years in law enforcement, this is the most tragic, single incident I have ever been to. My heart is filled with sorrow, and I pray for peace and comfort for the surviving family members," Grant County Sheriff Tom Jones added.

Thankfully, the driver of the other vehicle survived with minor injuries and was released from Quincy Valley Hospital, The Spokesman-Review noted.

Counselors were dispatched to Sandra's school to help fellow students cope with the loss of their friend. Superintendent Jean Shumate said that the staff had worked over the weekend to help teachers and students deal with the loss when they returned on Tuesday.

"My prayers go out to family and friends," Shumate told The Herald. "What a tragedy."

Janet Stangeland, Gabriel's employer, described him as a hard worker who "had a very nice family." Stangeland's grandson attended school with Sandra for the past three years.

"I feel sorry for the extended family," Stangeland told The Herald.

Watch a report of the accident HERE: