Fans Call Beyonce's New '1+1' Music Video Demonic, Pornographic

Fans have been expressing unease, using words such as "devilish" and "pornographic" to describe the imagery in Beyoncé Knowles' new music video, "1+1," which premiered Thursday night.

"Her music has become demonic and I don't entertain it in my home anymore and anyone that does should research what the signs she puts up in her videos mean, be careful what you allow into your," wrote Bianca Franks on Facebook.

The video for the single "1+1" was released Thursday night and appeared on most major entertainment websites by Friday morning.

In the sensual "1+1" music video, Beyoncé sings about being intimate with a love interest and appears in various stills wearing a strapless see-through dress, which she strips off to give the impression of being naked. As the camera pans out, however, the singer is shown to be wearing a lingerie bikini.

At other points in the video, Beyoncé appears behind a flowing wall of water and sings alluringly while staring into the camera.

In other scenes, the singer is backlit or overshadowed by a red light as her image is split and doubled in a kaleidoscope effect.

"Illuminati conspiracy theorists will murder Beyoncé's ~1+1~ video. She made it easy for them with all the interesting formations...," wrote Ebuka Obi-Uchendu on his Twitter page.

Others reacting to the video rejected the clip for its low-key choreography, its sensuality, and the fact that it was released on the 10th anniversary of R&B singer Aaliyah's death.

"Nasty video, might as well be porn. Couldn't keep watching it," wrote Sia Willie on Facebook.

Robyn Romele Hines wondered, "Why tonight? Is she trying to upstage Aaliyah??"

There were plenty of others, however, who embraced the video, calling it one of Beyoncé's best efforts.

Many commenters also called on those reacting to the music video to simply take it or leave and not make a big issue about the clip.

"Omg its a video, who cares," wrote Lucinda Talton on Facebook. "Too much going on in the real world, helloooo! If you like it great, if not turn it. Everyone is entitled to an opinion."

This is not the first time fans have questioned the content of Beyoncé's work, and her husband, rapper Jay-Z, has also been scrutinized for his lyrics seemingly questioning the validity of Jesus Christ and the church and the use of Masonic symbols in his Rocawear clothing line.

Most notably, Jay-Z appeared in 2009 in a video clip wearing a t-shirt that read "do what thou wilt." The phrase references a quote by British occultist Aleister Crowley.

Beyoncé, a self-professed Christian, directed the "1+1" music video along with Laurent Briet and Ed Burke. It is the third video from her "4" album.