'Farpoint' Title Goes Gold; Unveils Story Trailer

Virtual reality (VR) is slowly becoming the new platform of modern gaming. With a lot of titles sprawling about, one of them is definitely worth watching out for, and it is Impulse Gear's adventure title "Farpoint."

(Photo: PlayStation)"Farpoint" arrives on the PS VR on May 16.

The story trailer reveals a few glimpses into the plot of the game. A group of scientists venture near a site where unique radiations with no definite source can be found. Things go awry when they crash land on what appears to be a planet light years away from Earth.

The area where they crash land certainly holds promise. Despite the rough, jagged terrain, it had bodies of water, which could be a sign it could support life. While there are those who feel that Earth isn't home anymore and that they should just stay there, there are still some who wish to return to the home planet.

Judging by the concept alone, one would think that "Farpoint" is kind of like the first-person version of renowned title "Mass Effect: Andromeda." The revelation of the story, however, shows how different and intriguing the plot is, and is shaping up to be a VR title worth picking up when it arrives.

In a PlayStation blog post, Impulse Gear co-founder Seth Luisi has announced that the game has finally gone gold. This means that the title is already finished, and is well on its way for the slated release.

"When we started working on 'Farpoint' we knew from the beginning that we wanted it to have a deep and meaningful narrative," Luisi said. "We wanted to use VR to tell a unique, more personal story in a way that put the player right in the middle of it," he added.

It will only be a matter of time before players finally get their hands on the VR title. "Farpoint" arrives on the PlayStation VR on May 16, 2017.