Farrah Abraham 'Believes Her Own Lies,' Man 'Hired' to be Boyfriend Alleges

Farrah Abraham's life has been on a downward spiral since it was revealed that she made an intimate tape. She initially denied participating in the tape, but the man who was allegedly "hired" by Abraham to be her boyfriend so she could appear on a reality TV show says that Abraham is so far gone that she "believes her own lies."

Carson Underwood, 25, is an aspiring actor who alleged that Abraham wanted him to pretend to be her boyfriend so that she could appear on VH1's "Couples' Therapy." While there was never any proof, Underwood has now spoken out about Abraham's latest antics and her personality.

"Farrah never once gave off the vibe she'd attempt to go the Kim Kardashian route. I always assumed she would go back to reality. It's unfortunate someone who displayed such ambition towards a career outside of entertainment would subsume into a plotted-scheme like this, both the adult tape and 'Couples' Therapy,'" Underwood told Radar Online.

"Knowing how the initial contact came about with VH1 asking Farrah if she had a relationship, which she said yes to, then seeking out a participant is just telling to her state of mind. How does one state a lie, then attempt to manipulate someone into a relationship to only then perpetuate the relationship merely for their own belief?" Underwood asked.

"Then, along the way, become so engulfed in a lie that she has convinced herself we were actually in a serious relationship. However, Farrah is either in it for the cash to offset the future cost of her legal trouble or purely hoping her career will skyrocket. I can assure you if I spoke to Farrah today, she'd probably attempt to deny the situation or try to state we were actually in some elaborate (though she doesn't know what the word means) relationship," he added.

"Farrah truly believes her own lies," Underwood concluded.

Abraham has not responded to Underwood's comments yet but has enough to deal with since being kicked out of her parents' home and moving to Texas with her daughter, Sophia.