Farrah Abraham Dad Offers Prayer for Protection: 'Guide Her, Bless Her'

Farrah Abraham may have damaged her reputation with the release of an intimate video and a DUI, but her father, Michael, recently wrote online that there is "more to Farrah" than either of those two things. He stood up for his daughter and urged people to look at the whole picture.

"Sorry people… I'm a thick skinned person but the BS I have to put up with from people… not from my daughter's choices but from pure sick people really messed up my day," Michael posted on Facebook. "Heck, a person is trying to improve herself and the 'haters' still can find bad in a good action."

Michael has always stood up for Farrah whenever necessary. After the release of her adult video, he addressed the public and said it was not for him to judge. He urged everyone to look at their own lives before judging Farrah's actions and noted that he forgave his daughter and only wanted the best for her.

"Yes, the video is out there," Michael wrote this time. "And if these people read the facts their [sic] is more to Farrah than the video… She has worked 'day jobs' or normal jobs just like everyone else… Or harder… to insure Sophia had a roof over her head and food on the table."

Farrah entered rehab on Sunday evening to address her issues with alcohol; the "Teen Mom" star admitted that she had a problem and wanted to insure a better future for her and Sophia.

"At this time in my life, I need to stay focused on the positive to get through all of the negative that a DUI has caused in my life," Farrah told Radar Online. She will go through 10 days of intense counseling at the Lukens Institute while her daughter is being looked after.

"Farrah is still working on her degrees. As to be [sic] a providing parent, she does provide love and pays her and her daughters [sic] living. She is also busy with other businesses," Michael posted. "God I pray to you to guide her, bless her, protect her, open her eyes to truths and most of all, he me [sic] a better father to Farrah."