Farrah Abraham 'Never Speaking' to Catelynn Lowell Again After Insult

"Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham has already engaged in a battle of the words with "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans, but now is moving on a new feud with co-star Catelynn Lowell after Lowell reportedly insulted Abraham's new video.

"All I have to say is she sounds like a dying horse. U kno who I'm talking about," Lowell tweeted after reportedly seeing Abraham's latest business venture, which is a new adult video.

"I feel like if she was in the position I was in and she like knew me … I don't understand why she would say what she said. It's either jealousy or immaturity, but I don't understand why at this point and time she would say that. I'm just moving on and not talking to people who don't support me. I will never speak to her again," Abraham told Hollywood Life.

Lowell is the only "Teen Mom" who gave her child up for adoption. She and fiancé Tyler decided to give their daughter up for adoption and remain in constant contact with their daughter's adoptive parents. She and Catera are both attending college and working towards their degrees.

Meanwhile, Abraham has taken a different path, choosing to keep and raise daughter Sophia on her own. She participated in the video in order to make money and said she was "lonely and sad" when she made it. However, since the video aired, it has become more popular than that of Kim Kardashian, and Abraham has found herself with more offers for various jobs.

Abraham recently signed an endorsement deal with The Biggest Limo, which is providing her with a $400,000 Lamborghini whenever she is in Los Angeles. She has said that she will no longer make any adult videos but instead use the money she made to fund her culinary career, finish getting her degree, and focus on raising her daughter.

"Teen Mom" wrapped up its four-season run last year.