Farrah Abraham Slams Amber Portwood's Ex-Boyfriend: 'He Antagonized Her'

"Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham is grateful that her co-star Amber Portwood is a free woman but blames ex-boyfriend, Gary Shirley, for her incarceration. Abraham maintains that Shirley "antagonized" Portwood to the point that she crashed and needed intense help.

"I'm happy Amber is out of jail. She never deserved to be in jail," Abraham told Radar Online. "Gary antagonized Amber while she was also dealing with stress and handling her bipolar disorder. I hope Amber can now stay away from the pressures of the media and focus on her new, healthier beginning at life. I hope Leah (her daughter) can have a loving mother and daughter relationship."

While it's true that Portwood and Shirley had a tumultuous relationship, only Abraham has publicly blamed Shirley for Portwood's incarceration. The two had a violent relationship, and MTV filmed Portwood hitting Shirley; at that point, Child Protective Services got involved in the relationship and kept an eye on the family for the sake of daughter Leah.

Portwood handed custody of Leah over to Shirley before entering prison. She chose to spend up to five years behind bars in order to get the help she needed for alcohol and drug abuse. Portwood maintained that she was doing what was in her best interest because she needed intense, prolonged help. She did so well behind bars, though, that Portwood was released nearly four years early for good behavior.

Now Portwood is reuniting with friends and family, including Shirley and daughter Leah. MTV is reportedly working on a special about Portwood's release from prison and new life. The company flew Shirley and Leah to Indiana for the reunion and had cameras on-site for Portwood's release.

Other co-stars from the "Teen Mom" franchise have offered Portwood their support, including Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry. Even though Lowry has apparently never met Portwood, a friend insists that she "doesn't judge… and wishes Amber nothing but the best."