Farrah Abraham Tweets Letter From Mom: Reconciliation Possible?

Farrah Abraham may be one step closer to reconciling with her mother, Debra, after a tremendous fight that led Farrah to move all the way to Texas. The two women fought after it came out that Farrah had participated in a graphic intimate movie and was working to sell it to the public market.

Debra initially denied that her daughter would have anything to do with such a project, given her Christian upbringing and values. She defended her daughter, but just days later, Farrah admitted that she actually had made the videotape and was hoping to sell it for $2 million. That caused conflict between the two that ended with Farrah taking her daughter and moving to Texas.

Now Farrah has posted a letter from Debra that was written after their argument. In it, Debra clearly hopes for reconciliation with her daughter and granddaughter.

"Farrah and Sophia, I miss you both so much! Love you and pray God will bless and keep you safe. Want our family to heal and grow. I will NEVER leave you or forsake you. You are a priority in my life. XOXO, Mom & Grandma," Debra wrote.

"Awh, look my #1st letter from my #Mom after moving #BIGDEAL xo," Farrah tweeted along with the picture of the letter.

Farrah and Debra have always had their differences but managed, with a lot of therapy, to work things out. Now that Farrah has moved away to Texas, the separation may make it a little easier to have a relationship with her mother, whom she often accused of wanting to run her life.

Farrah will also be coming into some money thanks to the sale of her intimate tape for a reported $1.5 million. Even though she didn't make as much as she hoped, Farrah and her fans anticipate the explicit tape hitting the market.

"I have nothing to hide," Farrah tweeted. She is clearly comfortable with all of her projects, according to her website and Twitter feed.