Farrah Abraham Twitter Asks Fans to Buy Presents From Amazon Wish List

Former "Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham has used her Twitter account to now ask fans to buy her gifts from a selected Wish List on Amazon. The 22-year-old selected items for herself and daughter Sophia, but so far none of the items have been purchased.

"I love my #GIFTS Amazon.com: Farrah Abraham: Wish List… via @amazon Thank you Fans xo," Abraham tweeted, with a link to her wish list. It's unknown what prompted her to make the list, though there have been rumors that Abraham was working as a "sugar baby" and escorting men to events in exchange for money or goods.

"Farrah told me she met this guy on a sugar daddy website," Myla Sinanaj told Radar Online. "She flew out to see him and everything; she said they give you money to like go on vacation or to go shopping. They pay your bills."

Sinanaj even released a text message exchange with Abraham, allegedly proving that she was working as a "sugar baby."

"Girlfriend, people think that I'm a millionaire, but I'm not not even close to it," Abraham wrote. "So this site is really good for you finding millionaires you should just try it you never know."

"Haha sounds like fun but I don't think it's my thing lolZ I care more about the attraction then the $ because what are u gonna do ask for $? It's theirs… I need to actually like a person," Sinanaj responded.

"I just emailed you the…" Abraham replied.

Now Abraham is using Amazon to solicit gifts for herself and daughter Sophia. The registry includes toys, shoes and clothing, as well as kitchen items and furniture.

"I love clothes, accessories, dresses, heels, kitchen cookware, and who knows some other cool home stuff to decorate, and as always I think about my daughter too when I see something she's gotta have that's a must as well," Abraham posted on Amazon. "Thank you for brightening my day, and giving me a gift that counts and will always be memorable, Hugs & Love Farrah Abraham."

According to one report, none of the items have been purchased yet.