Farrah Abraham's Plastic Surgeon Reveals All

By now it's a well-known fact that "Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham had extensive plastic surgery on her face and other parts of her body. Her plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer, has spoken out about the work he did and the experience of working with Abraham.

"She said that she never liked her nose since she was a teenager but wanted to make sure she maintained the same Farrah look that people have come to know and love, and not lose her ethnicity in any way," Salzhauer told Radar Online.

He and Abraham mainly communicated online before the actual surgery took place, with Abraham detailing exactly what she wanted and Salzhauer sending pictures of what that may look like. Abraham was hoping to have more defined facial features that would help her land modeling gigs.

"When I was looking at her pictures online, I saw her chin was kind of weak," Salzhauer noted. It was then that he decided to suggest she get a chin implant, which he said Abraham completely agreed with. "She went for it!"

"So much of human facial beauty has to do with the profile, so if your chin has a bump on it and tends to stick out, it is really not that attractive. Just taking it down a little bit can turn someone's aesthetic appeal around completely," Salzhauer explained.

Abraham has had surgery before, but this time was different since it would alter her facial features. According to Salzhauer, she was worried that daughter Sophia wouldn't recognize her after the surgery. In order to help Sophia, who is three, understand a little better, Salzhauer gave her a copy of "My Beautiful Mommy," a book to help explain plastic surgery to younger children.

"It is important to tell them that Mommy is going to be even better than ever when you let them heal," Salzhauer explained. As for Abraham, "She is happy with the way she looks and isn't planning anymore [surgery]," he said.