Fat-Blocking Pepsi? Japan to Release New Pepsi Version, Will Not Be Available in US

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(Photo: AP Images / File)Pepsi products are delivered to an Omaha store.

Fat-Blocking Pepsi is set to be released by PepsiCo Inc. in a new dieting version of the popular soda drink.

The company has announced plans to launch a new version of its Pepsi cola, titled "Pepsi Special" which will contain a fat-blocking fiber called dextrin to help those trying to lose weight.

The new Pepsi drink will be released initially in Japan, where the company has begun promotion of the drink.

In an announcement on the Pepsi Japan website, PepsiCo has explained how dextrin, which will be used in the drink, can help reduce fat levels within the blood stream.

The company has not released much other information at this stage about the new drink, but it hopes that it will be popular along those looking to stay slim or lose weight.

The drive seems to be an attempt by PepsiCo to make inroads into the Japanese market for those looking to diet by using drink supplements.

The PepsiCo's fat blocking Pepsi version will not be the first such kind of drink in the Asian country, and already Japanese company Kirin has released a sugar free cola drink that contains dextrin in its ingredients.

According to the Kirin website the fat blocking cola drink is targeted towards health-conscious males who are aged in their 30's or older, and therefore is not targeting young teens.

Kirin's version of the fat blocking cola drink has already received clearance from the Japan Health Food & Nutrition Food Association, according to CNET.

Meanwhile it is uncertain whether such a drink would be allowed into the United States in its current form. In the U.S. the Food and Drug Administration has the commission of monitoring health claims made on consumer products. The body has stated that it prohibits sodas and candies from being promoted as fortified with nutrients.