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'Fate/Extra: Last Encore' Anime Spoilers: Hakuno and Saber to Battle the Mayor of Cape City in Episode 3

'Fate/Extra: Last Encore' Anime Spoilers: Hakuno and Saber to Battle the Mayor of Cape City in Episode 3

Key visual art for the Japanese action fantasy anime series, “Fate/Extra: Last Encore,” based on the “Fate/Extra” video game created by Type-Moon and Image Epoch and published by Marvelous Entertainment. | Fate/Extra: Last Encore Official Site

Series protagonist Hakuno Kishinami may have been reluctant to fight at first, but he now has renewed purpose, which may, in turn, ultimately lead him to the answers he's seeking for on the Japanese action fantasy anime series, "Fate/Extra: Last Encore."

The previous episode titled "Dead Face" saw the pair arrive at the first of seven floors leading up to the Heavenly Threshold. Each floor is supposed to present a challenge that a Master and his Servant should overcome in order to advance to the next level. These levels are known as the seven Heavenly Seas that constitute the so-called Holy Grail War.

However, instead of a battlefield, a prosperous city greeted them, wherein the end of the Holy Grail War was being celebrated each day by the Masters who had since sold their Servants to the city's Mayor for a lofty profit that could already give them the life they have always wanted without having to participate in the War.

The Mayor, whom Hakuno seemed to know, also offered the newly arrived guy the same deal, which he refused, thus leading the Mayor to put up a Fire Wall to try and kick them out of the game.

It was at this point that Hakuno was able to harness his hidden power, which seemed to have been felt by someone outside of the Central Tower.

What fate awaits Hakuno and Saber now that they have been trapped and separated from each other? How will Hakuno's newly activated skill ultimately impact their current situation? Will they be able to get past this challenge and re-start the Holy Grail War? What is Dead Face, and how do these two words relate to Hakuno's forgotten identity?

"Fate/EXTRA Last Encore" airs on Saturdays at midnight JST on Tokyo MX, Gunma TV, Tachibana TV, and BS11. It also airs on the following Tuesdays late night at 3:30 a.m. JST on MBS. Information on other broadcast schedules and online resources can be found on the series' official site.


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