Fathers and Children

 No one is required to be a skeptic of Christianity. It is a choice. Just like parenting is a choice. And one thing I find interesting is that Christian parents and non-Christian parents have many similar desires for their young children.

Take a 3-year-old for example. What parent isn't thrilled to have their little one depend completely upon mommy and/or daddy? We love that as parents, don't we? And our children seem to love it, and need it. It gives them security and peace of mind. It gives us much joy and satisfaction. Regardless of whether the parents are Christians or not, I find that a large majority of parents seem to prefer having their little ones depend upon them for almost everything.

Then we come to religion, and matters of faith. A skeptical mind often develops in a person as he ages. He can easily start to think some very strange things about God. First of all, "Why does God need us to worship Him?" wonders the skeptic. And yet, the skeptic's thinking here is all wrong in its approach. It isn't childlike and creative. It is hard and doubting. God of course doesn't need anything from us, but He has chosen to provide a way whereby we can belong to His family and have a warm and loving relationship with Him.

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