Faulkner Shooting: Man Shoots Wife Multiple Times on Campus, University Calls for Prayers

A Faulkner University shooting has left one woman hospitalized in critical condition after she was shot by her husband in broad daylight on campus grounds. The university has since released a statement asking for everyone to pray for the victim to pull through.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons/File)Harris College of Business at Faulkner University is shown in this file photo.

The incident took place near the maintenance building at the campus, and immediately sparked scenes of panic as paramedics rushed to the scene to aid the victim.

The campus was put on a state of high alert as the victim was rushed to a local hospital for treatment, and an emergency message was sent out to campus residence stating: "(Active Shooter on Campus) Emergency! Armed person on campus. Go to nearest room and lock door. If off campus, do not enter campus. Follow instructions from auth."

However, it has since emerged that not all students and teachers received the emergency message, leading to concerns about the efficiency of the emergency system. Investigations have now begun looking into why the system failed in this case.

In this incident the gunman only appeared to be targeting his wife and did not fire or attack anyone else on campus. The man has been apprehended and arrested and will be facing attempted murder charges.

One eye witness has described how the man, wearing black pants and a red shirt, just calmly walked up to the woman and shot her: "She tried running away and she was just shot more… And he got into his car and drove off."

School officials told reporters: "In what appears to have been a domestic situation, a contract employee was injured in the shooting and has been taken to a local hospital for treatment. Her condition is not known at this time."

Prayers were called for the victim: "The Montgomery Police Department is following up on the incident. At no time were any students involved in the incident. Faulkner University asks everyone to be in prayer for the victim and offers its sincere gratitude to campus security and law enforcement officers for their rapid response."

The victim and shooter have not yet been named, and the police investigation is still ongoing.

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