FBI Releases Wu-Tang Clan's Unsealed Files

Newly unsealed FBI documents concerning the hip-hop group the Wu-tang Clan reveal that the nine-member group was into more than just good beats and quick cuts, they were an organized, crime enterprise.

The file was released upon request to blogger Rich Jones, under the Freedom of Information Act for the records of Russell Jones aka ODB, one of the founding members of the Wu-Tang Clan. Such documents become public record after a person's death.

Included in the 93-page report are descriptions of various illegal activities including drug trafficking, murder and money laundering that members of the group were involved in. Jones was arrested nine times between April 1, 1987, and Jan. 15, 1999, for a range of crimes that included petty larceny, contempt and nonsupport of a child.

In a report dated August 1999, NYPD detectives state that they “have documented in their case files that the WTC is involved in the sale of drugs, illegal guns, weapons possession, car jacking’s and other types of violent crime.”

In January 1999, Jones was charged with attempted murder in the first and second degree, criminal use of a firearm, and unlawful wearing of a body vest, Gun.io reported.

An Aug. 24, 1999 report summary mentions a second murder was believed to be “ordered by members of the Wu-Tang Clan as retaliation for ... robbing an associate of the Wu-Tang Clan.”

The rappers were also linked to drug dealers who were known members with the violent and murderous Bloods street gang, according to report filed in October 1999.

Another document reveals that authorities wanted to interview ODB as part of a federal racketeering investigation in Brooklyn.

A report that was filed in 1999 links members of the group to the Dec. 30, 1997 murder of Staten Islander Robert Johnson aka Pooh who is described in the files as "an associate with WTC who had a falling out with the group."

Johnson, 23, of West Brighton, had just been released from prison when he was gunned down in Staten Island by two assailants wearing ski masks.