Fergie Pregnant? Singer's Appearance Fuels 'Baby Bump' Rumors (PHOTO)

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(PHOTO) Twitter: @FergieFergie, Josh Duhamel and the singer's family pose with Oprah Winfrey

Fergie was recently spotted shopping with her husband Josh Duhamel in West Hollywood and the singer's appearance has fueled speculation that the pair may be expecting their first child.

The couple, who has been married for almost four years, was reportedly shopping for last minute Christmas gifts on Saturday and appeared to be in good spirits, according to the Daily Mail.

For some fans Fergie's choice of clothing was enough to fuel pregnancy speculation. The Black Eyed Peas singer, real name Stacy Ann Ferguson, was photographed wearing trendy leggings and a red shirt although it was her loose fitting black trench coat which led some to question whether the 37-year-old was attempting to conceal a growing baby bump.

"Fergie has to be pregnant! Wearing that jacket that's drawing attention to her covered midsection....... ," one Twitter user known as Koatnay tweeted in response to the photos.

"Fergie is pregnant and tried to use the disgraceful trench coat to hide her bump #iseeyouboo," another user known as Nina wrote.

"If Fergie is pregnant I called it first! That trench coat is hiding something!," Katie Ward tweeted.

The couple has always been open about their plans to start a family. In June Duhamel, 40, revealed that having a baby was indeed a top priority.

"We're going to focus on a human first," the actor told Us magazine in response to whether the couple plans on adopting another Dog in addition to their puppy named Zoe.

"We're going to focus on raising a human and then maybe we'll get a dog after that," he explained. "We know how Zoe is and she's really good around kids."

Fergie, who is currently taking a break from performing with The Peas, also confirmed that she and her husband are determined to have a child.

"Yes, [a] baby is in the plans at some point but there's no specific plans or date or anything like that. That's just one of the things I want to do," Fergie told E! News in 2011.

Reps for the couple are yet to confirm whether there is any truth to the pregnancy speculation.