Fiery Baptist Preacher Jody Hice Will Likely Head to Congress After Winning GOP Georgia Primary; Liberal Media in Knots Over it

(Photo: Facebook/Jody Hice)Pastor Jody Hice (l) and his wife Dee Dee (r).

Jody Hice, a Baptist preacher with a firm stand against homosexuality and a strong supporter of the religious freedom clauses of the First Amendment won the Republican primary in Georgia's 10th District on Tuesday night and is likely to end up in Congress after the general election this November given the district's strong conservative tradition.

Hice, according to NBC News, is set to replace Republican Congressman Paul Broun, described as one of the most socially conservative members of Congress.

"Dee Dee and I can't thank everyone enough for an incredible victory in last night's runoff. I am deeply honored to be the Republican nominee and to be entrusted as your representative in Washington following the general election this November. We are one step closer to renewing America! Blessings, love and thanks to each of you!" Hice wrote on his Facebook page on Wednesday.

Liberal media wasted no time going after him, however, and have already started their attack against him for his conservative values, particularly on homosexuality.

In a Right Wing Watch report, Hice, who is also a radio host, compared homosexuality to alcoholism and opposed a ban on gay conversion therapy in a warning on his radio show saying "we are enslaving and entrapping potentially hundreds of thousands of individuals in a lifestyle that they really are not – and it's all for the sake of political correctness."

A BuzzFeed report Wednesday, predicted that Hice "will likely be the most anti-gay member of Congress."

Despite the attacks, many of his supporters took to his Facebook page to congratulate him.

"Although I was not in your district so unable to vote for you I was praying and pulling for you. I am so hopeful to see a good man like you go to DC to represent us. My prayers will increase even more now for you and your family as you enter that very broken and lost world of DC politics," wrote Vicki Morton.

"Having Dr. Jody Hice as the Republican nominee is very encouraging as it seems that all the world is in chaos. Dr. Hice believes in the effectiveness of the U.S. Constitution and he is going to Washington to insure that the Constitution prevails. Congratulations, Dr. Hice!" noted Joan Gilbert Rhoden.


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