Filmmaker, Actor Tyler Perry Sets His Eyes on 'Good Deeds'

Filmmaker and outspoken Christian Tyler Perry is looking to break out with upcoming film “Good Deeds.”

Widely known for his flamboyant but good-hearted character Madea, Perry will star in his upcoming film without the wise-talking character.

Recently attracting controversy over another forth-coming film, “Marriage Counselor,” for casting soon to be former wife of Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian, in a movie about marriage, Perry is on to other things.

Perry stars in the movie as Wesley Deeds III, a fifth generation Ivy League school graduate, groomed by his father to take over the family business and by his mother, starring the lovable “Cosby Show” mom, Phylicia Rashad, to be the perfect gentleman.

With a life that has been planned out for him since birth, he lives the perfect, yet boring life. This boredom is reflected in the mannerisms of his fiancée, played by Gabrielle Union, who can predict and time his every move.

This all changes when Deeds meets Lindsey, a single mom, played by Thandie Newton, (who starred as the mother in Will Smith’s “The Pursuit of Happiness” ) who has the not-so-perfect life.